The research on what works in helping students catch up, without holding them back or putting them in remedial classes where they miss out on regular content, can be complex and confusing. Education Week and has picked out three of the most salient studies for district leaders as they begin to plan for this summer and beyond.

Now, a year later, whether and how to reopen schools safely has become the most politicized debate of the global pandemic that will, at least in some ways, alter the public education system forever in the U.S.

Talk to educators and school leaders and they will say moving forward cannot mean a return to the way things were — that the pandemic exposed too many inexcusable tears in the fabric of the U.S. education system and that reopening schools has to be about more than just increasing the number of students with access to in-person learning.

March and April 2021
Remake Learning, in collaboration with KnowledgeWorks and the Pennsylvania Department of Education, will host a series of role-specific listening sessions in order to identify learning innovations that emerged and/or accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic, illuminate conditions that exacerbated learning inequities, and chart a path forward to scale change that helps every learner, family and community flourish. Findings will be shared to inform future programing and policy.

Deadline: Friday, May 14, 2021

Awards: 1st place $3000, 2nd place $2000, 3rd and 4th place $500 each

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Monday, July 12 through Thursday, July 22, 2021
Brite 2021, an online, interdisciplinary STEM program built for girls ages 13-16, will provide a high-quality, online suite of activities centered on collaborative learning with female role models. Brite 2021 will consist of two courses: Art x Science, featuring role models and activities at the intersection of art and science, and Dream Big, Take Risks, featuring role models and activities that introduce girls to audacious careers in STEM. A customized online platform, accessed through a 1:1 device, will serve as a launching pad for girls to participate in individual, small group and community-wide activities.

Demonstrate your expertise in teaching pre-K through 12 students to think critically about their roles as media consumers and creators or in training teachers to do so.

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