Month: April 2020

Jimmie Jenkins and Michael Steve Zanders operate sports leagues in some of the most impoverished neighborhoods in the nation’s capital. But the coronavirus and mandated social distancing mean kids cannot go to the gym and play sports with their teams. The coaches fear the extended closures could be perilous for children who live in neighborhoods with some of the city’s highest crime rates. Those concerns are shared by city leaders and community activists.

Collaborative for Student Success Executive Director Jim Cowen writes in Forbes that the wave of school closures has rightly sparked a discussion about the “issues of providing meals and other educational services to America’s schoolchildren.” In addition, these closures increase the likelihood that “many students will be out of school at the time they would typically take their designated state test.” These assessments are part of the Every Student Succeeds Act’s federal requirements, and without the data they provide, it will be harder for education policymakers to “measure a school year’s worth of growth among students and break it down by student subgroups and schools.”

One-quarter of U.S. jobs are under the threat of being automated, especially the repetitive and boring ones, a recent study by the Brookings Institute has found. With the constant innovation and major strides being made in technology, a large part of the U.S. and the world workforce will have to retrain for new jobs that will arise — some of these new professions might seem odd.

On any given Wednesday while school was in session, female students from 6-10 grade in Millcreek Township used computer code lessons to create and animate projects on their laptops, thanks to an affiliation with the national program Girls Who Code.

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