Month: August 2020

A new study digs into 25 languages to explore the gender stereotypes in language that undermine efforts to support equality across STEM careers. Despite decades of positive messaging to encourage women and girls to pursue education tracks and careers in STEM, women continue to fall far below their male counterparts in these fields.

The Afterschool Alliance and the National Summer Learning Association are teaming up to ask you to complete a follow-up survey that focuses on what programming local providers have been able to offer this summer and what they have planned for fall. The survey should take no more than 10-15 minutes of your time and your responses will be anonymous. To thank you for your time, 50 respondents to the survey will be randomly selected to win a $50 cash prize.

With their summer jobs and internships canceled and anxiety about getting Covid-19 — or just succumbing to boredom — college students have found at least one type of work that they largely can do at home this summer: mentoring even younger students. Several programs aimed at keeping incoming freshmen on track for college and others that provide tutoring to elementary students are scooping up jobless undergraduates as mentors in relationships that benefit everyone.

If there were ever a good time to try out a year-round schedule, it would be this year. In many states, teachers unions would have to agree to the shift, but the new schedule would not necessarily require any additional days of work. The days would just be allocated differently. If the unions refuse to help students by shortening the period of summer slide, districts should look at alternatives.

In the 2018-2019 school year, Hathaway Brown School became the first all-girls school to organize a varsity e-sports team. E-sports is organized competitive gaming among professional level players, who can play individually or in teams. Now, student-athletes from across the country — including Hathaway Brown — are working hard to encourage more young women to participate in gaming events. “I understand that many schools are trying to push for an e-sports team but it can be tough if you’re a girl because of the usual ‘male gamer’ stereotype,” Hofstra told Digital Trends.

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