Recorded Webinars

The Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework in Out-of-School Time

Join other out-of-school time professionals and learn about the Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework. Also, learn how healthy homes create an environment where students thrive and support the well-being of young people, as well as ways to engage parents as partners to promote school success and student well-being and how to make families feel part of the school community. View Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework

Summer STEAM Academy Orientation

Opening School-Age Childcare and Out-of-School Time Programs during COVID-19

With summer right around the corner, and with Pennsylvania phasing in re-opening, how do we plan for summer? Topics include CDC guidelines for safe opening, swimming and field trips, classroom set-up, project-based learning, social emotional components, and outdoor activities. View Opening Childcare and OST Programs

Improving Virtual Access to Your Afterschool Program

Access is a key issue for youth and their families as only 50% of Pennsylvanians have access to an afterschool program. In this webinar, participants will learn the difference between equality and equity and the importance of cultural and racial responsiveness. They will also learn ways to use data to demonstrate access needs and ways to improve virtual access in their communities. View Improving Virtual Access

Youth Virtual Town Hall with Lt. Governor and Second Lady Fetterman

On May 21, 2020, Pennsylvania youth leaders and student advocates held a Virtual Town Hall with Lt. Gov. and Second Lady Fetterman to address concerns about COVID-19 effects on their families, schools and communities; and ask questions about the afterschool and summer learning programs they rely on for academic help, extracurricular activities, service learning and career exploration. The event was organized by PSAYDN and its partners. View Town Hall

Project-Based Learning: How to Integrate It Virtually in Your Afterschool Program

Making project-based learning part of the virtual out-of-school time experience gives youth new opportunities to become leaders, thinkers and problem-solvers. Through projects that they help design, students get more engaged in their communities and add their voice to discussions about local issues. Participants will learn about what project-based learning is and how to implement it in daily, virtual and physical afterschool activities. Recording Project-Based Learning

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