School and Community


Children and youth who participate in well-implemented programs and activities outside of school are poised to stay enrolled longer and perform better in school than their peers who do not attend such programs

Council of Chief State School Officers


Measurable Impact for Students, Teachers and Administrators

There are years of research proving the positive benefits of quality afterschool/out-of-school time (OST) that is connected to the school day:


Strengthening Communities

Communities need citizens that are connected to their community in order to thrive. In multiple ways, afterschool and OST help children and youth in urban, rural and suburban areas build positive connections with adults and their peers. These supportive relationships with staff, counselors, volunteers, older youth serving as leaders, etc., solidify a young person’s bond with the community. Besides strengthening academic skills, quality OST helps youth of all ages appreciate their culture and neighborhoods, build self-esteem and leadership skills, stay in school, and explore college or careers while learning from positive role models. As a result, their OST experiences (or the unfortunate lack thereof) greatly influence the goals they set for themselves as happy and productive citizens in the community.

Pennsylvania’s children and youth spend 20% of their waking hours in school. It is important to know how they are spending the other 80% and its potential impact on your community.




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