Deadline: Friday, August 14, 2020
PSAYDN is seeking afterschool programs who would be interested in participating in the Youth Entrepreneurial Pitch Program. This program encourages middle and high school students to explore creating and developing their own product or business, and pitching their idea to their family, friends, and afterschool partners in an afterschool event.

Deadline: Monday, August 24, 2020
Today’s young people are at the forefront of social change movements in this country, and they are actively using their voices to let adults know what they need. It is essential that America’s Promise and the Alliance Partners are more inclusive of youth voices and that it is recognized how young people’s needs have evolved with the acceleration of technology, the threat of the global pandemic, and continued civil unrest.

Many parents are back at work full-time, and in the event they cannot work from home, can child care centers accommodate virtual and remote learning for children who have to learn from home? Tracey Campanini, deputy secretary for OCDEL, says there are many centers available for kids up to 15 years old. “We’ll be working from OCDEL to support child care and accommodate any requests to support providers, and expand support for families in the communities that need it,” Campanini said.

The ingenuity, flexibility and collaboration needed to successfully navigate public education is at a pivotal moment – school systems that do best will be those that are able to expand their point of view. To that end, many national organizations have collected their thoughts on best practices within state and district reopening plans in “blueprint” documents to help decision-makers think through their opportunities, challenges, and resources from multiple perspectives and learn from others rather than recreate the wheel across 50 states and more than 13,000 school districts nationwide.

Timely and equitable access to testing, masking, sanitizing and social distancing are crucial, experts say. And national leaders must provide the necessary resources.

Educators have always known that skills like creativity, flexibility and resilience are foundational to student success. But the COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced how important it is to equip our pre-K to 12 students with those skills. Will students leave high school with a growth mindset? Do they have the grit and perseverance to achieve their goals in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges? Do they have a sense of purpose that motivates them as they move to college or the workforce and beyond?

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