The COVID-19 relief bill includes afterschool programs as an allowable use of funds. The new relief language is largely similar to that of the CARES Act passed last March. While that approach will make it easier for the Department of Education and other agencies to distribute funds to states quickly, it means unfortunately legislators left out many of the improvements needed to make the CARES Act language more responsive to local needs. From an afterschool and summer learning perspective, the final COVID-19 relief package mirrors the opportunities in the CARES Act and does not include 21st CCLC flexibility language. Funding Opportunities

The Afterschool Alliance’s 4th edition of America After 3PM provides a detailed account of children in the afterschool hours, identifying: trends of participation in, and unmet demand for, afterschool programs; the experiences and opportunities programs afford; and which children and families are missing out, and why.

Entrepreneurs view failure with a growth mindset and through a lens of optimism. Not with the blind optimism of “rose-colored glasses,” but with the knowledge that they have the ability to recover quickly from difficulties, which is the definition of resilience. They have confidence in themselves and are optimistic that they can overcome their setbacks.

This National Mentoring Month, imagine a world where young people feel empowered, encouraged and understood. Mentors can make that world a reality. MENTOR’s new video kicks off National Mentoring Month with an uplifting look at the power of relationships to help young people find and follow their passion, strive in school, and thrive wherever they are.

Out-of-school time workers have been classified as “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers” for the purposes of COVID-19 vaccination eligibility, a change was made by the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices at their December 20 meeting. The recent summary of the meeting published in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report clarified the inclusion of “child care workers” as included in the Phase 1B vaccination program.

The Afterschool Alliance announced that Chuck Inverso, Summer Camp Director at the Neshaminy Kids Club, has been selected as one of 18 to serve as an Afterschool Ambassador for the Afterschool Alliance in 2020-2021.

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